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Foundation Investment Advisors and Consultants

Our Investment Philosophy

Our investment process is driven by our investment philosophy and entails setting policy based on objectives, analyzing the risk and return associated with asset allocation strategy, in-depth and ongoing due diligence of investment managers, customized performance reporting and attribution analysis, and fulfilling customized requests for information.

Our investment philosophy is focused on earning the highest possible returns within the confines of an acceptable level of risk.聽 As our clients typically have a long time horizon, we, in turn, take a long-term, strategic approach.聽 We have applied this approach consistently since the inception of our firm in 1980.聽 Our investment philosophy is as follows:
  • Asset allocation should involve intelligent diversification.聽 Combining a variety of equity, fixed income, and alternative asset classes is the most effective way to accomplish this.聽 However, asset classes should only be included when their portfolio weight will permit them to have a meaningful impact on performance.聽 This helps prevent over-diversifying the portfolio.

  • Our focus is to provide a strong roster of investment options.聽 Portfolios should be allocated to asset classes with high long-term returns, such as equities and alternative investments, while seeking balance through allocations to lower returning/less volatile asset classes, such as fixed income.聽聽 For portfolios with high long-term return objectives, allocation to low return classes will be relatively modest and depend on the portfolio鈥檚 liquidity needs and risk tolerance. Portfolios are well-diversified to allow for the achievement of strong returns during a wide variety of economic and market conditions.
  • Attempts to predict short-term market behavior via market timing strategies should be avoided. 聽This does not preclude efforts to capitalize on opportunities created by market conditions which we consider distinct in that success is not dependent on short term forecasts or timing.
  • World-class investment managers should be retained and are generally expected to outperform index funds over three to five-year periods.聽 For efficient asset classes, index funds should play a significant, though not necessarily exclusive, role.
  • Highly disciplined rebalancing strategies should be established between asset classes and within each asset class.聽This is one of the simplest ways to exploit the cyclical nature of financial markets.
We are comfortable advising clients in all aspects of their investment process. Please note that we place no limits on our services under our all-inclusive fee structure.聽 We serve in an advisory capacity only we do not offer investment products or manage money on behalf of clients.