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Foundation Investment Advisors and Consultants

Full Service Investment Consulting

It is our mission to provide unlimited, in-depth and customized investment advisory services. Our unique characteristics distinguish our firm's services from other investment consulting firms.

For more information about our full services and all inclusive fee options, please contact us.

Our Range of Investment Consulting Services include

  • Unlimited meetings
  • Establishment of investment objectives, goals, and restrictions
  • Asset allocation studies
  • Manager searches
  • Independent performance measurement and return verification
  • Monthly portfolio analysis/monitoring, including risk assessment
  • Diverse Manager and Mission Related Investments
  • Comprehensive quarterly reporting
  • Manager communication and monitoring
  • Custodian searches
  • Customized projects
  • Donor Forums
  • Educational Forums
  • Portfolio transitions 鈥 completion of subscription agreements and coordination of asset movements with banks and managers.