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Foundation Investment Advisors and Consultants

Insights and Publications

Colonial Consulting provides insights and analysis on current conditions and challenges, market environment, and industry trends.

Quarterly Commentaries

  • As markets continue their surprising rebound, it is both interesting and disconcerting to think about the way in which financial harm has been wrought both through changes in market pricing along with the closely related, destructive and expected 鈥渉uman鈥 reaction that accompanies such a period. In essence, there are those who effectively multiplied their misery by selling perfectly good assets in late 2008 or earlier this year.

  • Late 2008鈥檚 market meltdown proved surprisingly egalitarian as both simple, inex- pensive index oriented strategies and more intricate approaches suffered in tandem. While the last fifteen years in general, and the 2000-02 bear market in particular, cre- ated a privileged class of investors who generated gravity defying outcomes, the laws of nature reasserted themselves in 2008 as most forms of risks were harshly punished.