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Foundation Investment Advisors and Consultants

Insights and Publications

Colonial Consulting provides insights and analysis on current conditions and challenges, market environment, and industry trends.

Quarterly Commentaries

  • Despite recent market gains, this is a difficult time for investors as volatility, economic malaise and the prospect of more of the same dominate much of today鈥檚 thinking. While forecasts of doom and gloom may be the product of post-2008 trauma or perhaps the natural tendency to assume that the recent past will repeat itself, the fact remains that those who are responsible for long-term assets face considerable headwinds according to today鈥檚 conventional wisdom. Despite this backdrop, we cannot help but wonder if ten years from now it will seem as though a huge opportunity was missed by not allocating a meaningful percentage of one鈥檚 portfolio to equities. In other words, perhaps pursuing the 鈥渞ight鈥 strategy is about to work for the first time in more than a decade.

  • 鈥淔ear鈥 and 鈥淕reed鈥 are aptly used to characterize the behavior of capital markets as both terms reflect the two most prominent emotions behind decisions related to financial well-being. This has rarely been clearer than during the past two years as their power and instability have been on stark display and have wreaked havoc both with the psychology and portfolios of many investors. As none of us can completely escape either human tendencies or their implications, the world currently seems exceptionally uncertain and complex.

  • Early March marked the first anniversary of what can only be described as a shocking and breathtaking market rally. For those who 1) had liquidity; 2) believed that long-term investors are best served by focusing on the idea that valuation governs future returns; and 3) see capital markets as inherently unpredictable, 2009 was exceptionally gratifying. Yet, despite well-positioned portfolios that recovered a large percentage of the capital they lost in 2008, a deep sense of unease remains, as memories of recent market losses combine with significant economic problems to undermine confidence...

  • In the depths of 2008鈥檚 financial crisis, powerful and frightening words such as Depression and Deflation were widely used to characterize prospective economic conditions on a prolonged basis. While markets in 2008 undoubtedly delivered a psychologically depressing period, the economy itself has thus far averted the disaster of a protracted downturn. As usual, it is difficult to say whether markets have recovered because economic conditions were not as poor as they looked, or if economic conditions have stabilized thanks to market gains.