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Second Quarter 2017 - "Innovation Fascination"

We know great innovation when we see it. It creates the sensation of the never-before conceivable, a new idea that seems inevitable once it鈥檚 revealed but was almost unimaginable prior to its creation. Innovation, a word first used in the 15th century, refers to the act or process of introducing new ideas, devices, or methods, but we know it as an intention to not just improve the prior generation of products or services,but revolutionize its usage. For an example of true innovation, look no further than the palm of your hand. The smartphone is a truly world-changing device, one that has seen penetration happen so quickly and so disruptively as to fundamentally change the utility of a variety of single-use products formerly purchased separately. The smartphone is not just a phone, it鈥檚 also a camera, and a television, and a video recorder, and a game player, and a map, and a whole host of other ancillary things depending on the user鈥檚 needs.

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