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Second Quarter 2016 - "Looking Beyond the Horizon"

In the second quarter of 2016, equity markets and investors’ expectations were rocked by the results of the UK’s vote to exit the European Union. Prior to the Brexit, the markets seemingly scaled a wall, overcoming obstinate, lingering concerns about lackluster global growth. The IMF projects that global GDP will grow 2.4% this year – a positive number, but one which leaves some market participants uneasy given the extraordinary stimulus measures implemented in economies around the world. Following the vote, political risks seemed to take center stage. European market pundits quickly coined a whole new set of acronyms for the potential departures of other members of the European Union (Dexit, Frexit, Nexit, and Quitaly). While far less dramatic than the events in Europe, our own political process has introduced a fair amount of unpredictability; both the presidency and a large number of senate seats are up for election this fall, which raises the potential for future policy changes...

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