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All About Philanthropy in Less Than Four Minutes - The Chronicle of Philanthropy

In the Chronicle of Philanthropy, Heather Joslyn wrote recently about a short film intended to help other nonprofit executives spread the word about philanthropy’s economic value. The article, "All About Philanthropy in Less Than Four Minutes", starts with:

The three-minute, 40-second video, “Know Your Sector,” has been posted on YouTube. Among the nuggets of information it contains: the fact that about one in 10 American workers is a nonprofit employee (compared with the one in 57 workers who waits tables).

“My hope is that it will be a free resource, for donors, for board members, for nonprofit employees, and volunteers to understand the power of our sector,” says Ben Klasky, executive director of IslandWood, a nonprofit outdoor learning center on Bainbridge Island, Wash., who created the video for a class he teaches on nonprofit management “My hope is that it’ll go viral and that people will realize that, because so many people are involved with nonprofits, it’s a powerful part of our economy, and it’s doing a lot of important work.”

The full article and video can be viewed at The Chronicle of Philanthropy's site.