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Colonial Consulting in the News

4th Quarter 2014 Community Foundation Investment Survey Released

Colonial Consulting is pleased to announce the release of the 4th Quarter 2014 Community Foundation Investment Survey. The report measures investment results of community foundations in the United States and is produced by Colonial Consulting, LLC and the Fiscal and Administrative Officers Group (FAOG). A copy of the report can be obtained here.

About Colonial Consulting, LLC
Colonial Consulting is a leading investment consulting firm founded in 1980 with a focus on contributing to strong investment returns. With the firm's experience, expertise, and in-depth research, Colonial provides valuable investment advice and full service consulting so that its clients can meet their financial objectives. The firm has always focused on non-profits and approximately 90% of client assets are held by endowments or foundations. As a result, the firm is structured to specifically work with the requirements and challenges of these institutions. Colonial's efforts are focused on a number of areas and are driven by the deeply rooted philosophy that the firm exists to serve clients and that their success defines its own.

About the Fiscal and Administrative Officers Group for Community Foundations
The Fiscal and Administrative Officers Group (FAOG) is an association whose membership is comprised of:

- staff members of community foundations whose primary area(s) of responsibility are in the fiscal or administrative areas of their respective foundations.
- individuals serving a key fiscal or administrative role for a community foundation -- accounting, finance, HR, investments, IT.
- individuals from nonprofit organizations acting for or on behalf of the interests of community foundations.

The Fiscal and Administrative Officers Group鈥檚 mission is "to provide professional enhancements for the financial and administrative staffs of community foundations and to take a leadership position in establishing and communicating standards for the financial and administrative functions of community foundations".